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Betting Systems for Online Casino Gamblers

Here we will explore 6 of the most popular online betting systems. These timeless and tried-and true betting methods originated from the offline world, but can also be applied to the online gambling environment, regardless of what game you are playing or what betting system is used.

To begin, decide in advance what unit you are going to bet (this will include the lowest bet allowed at the casino or game).

It’s a system called Positive Progression, where your stakes go up as you win. This system of online casino gambling is built on the assumption that a person can win only 4 games in a line before they’ll likely lose.

The system is as follows:

If you lose a bet, place 1 unit on each round.
The next round (second round) is 3 units if you won the previous round.
– When you win the second (third) time in a series, wager 2 units.
– After winning the third (fourth) game, you can bet an additional 6 units.
If you lose, then return to your original pattern. Bet 1 unit for each new round.

It is very easy to understand the risk/reward situation with the simple 1-2-3 system. It is possible to earn 6x your bet by playing 4 rounds and only using 2 units.

With the 1-2-3 bet system, your worst possible outcome is losing 6 times consecutively in the second stage. No worries. Then you can win four times straight to make it up.

Martingale System
Negative Progression is an interesting system that increases your bets as you loose.

The basis of the online casino bet system is that it’s impossible for a player to lose infinitely many times before winning even one single game. Martingale helps you offset all of the losses that have accumulated with one win.

If you are a cynic, a realist, or both, then this system will work best when the online gambling game has matched payouts of 1:1 on every wager. How it works is as follows:

To begin, you should place your initial bet.
– You can bet again the same amount, if your win is the same as the previous one, but you must bet more if it’s a loss.
You double your wager if you lose another time.

Martingale’s downside is the need for a very large bankroll when you first start and the determination to continually increase your stakes as your losses grow. The online betting system can’t be pulled off by everyone.

After a few losses you might reach the maximum betting amount at online casinos and be unable to increase it further.

The DAlenbert System
The system is also known as a Negative progression. The system can also be considered as an insurance system, since the stakes grow larger when you win. It works like this: sukan sosial 2up

If you lose, increase the bet by 1 unit.
If you lose, your bets will decrease by one unit.

It is also necessary to have enough money in your online casino account.

When you add the insurance system to your negative progression system, you can protect yourself from increasing losses.

The Labouchere Betting System. The Cancellation System
This is another system that uses Negative Progressions. It’s a little more difficult than other systems. The odds of the online casino games you’re playing will dictate what sequences of numbers you get. These can be any length, and are not always sequential.

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